• 16 de febrero de 2017
    I had my first sailing experience in one of the most beautiful cities in Northern California, San Francisco. Sailing has always intimidated me. Not only is stepping on board of a boat is like entering a foreign country with its own language and culture, but also being at a mercy of open water...
    16 de febrero de 2017
    Summer season is upon us and everywhere around the United States thousands of people are taking sailing lessons for the first time. Lots of sunshine, mild wind conditions and no currents to worry about can make sailing a blast in places like Lake Michigan. However here in SF Bay, summer means...
    16 de febrero de 2017
    Whether it’s a leisurely cruise on a summer afternoon, an adrenaline filled race, or that dream vacation to exotic and otherwise unreachable beaches, sailing has something to offer for everyone. For me personally, it’s the romantic notion of open waters and endless possibilities – freedom. No...
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